Best WWE Cards in 2014 Trading Card Packs

WWE 2014 Topps Chrome

Wrestling card collectors are paying high prices for the best WWE cards in 2014 packs.  There is a growing group of World Wrestling Entertainment superstars who are selling at levels that only a few years ago were unheard of.  Not only are current and former champions popular with collectors but there is also a new […]

2012 Topps Heritage WWE: A trip back to 1985

2012 Topps WWE Heritage Pack

Heritage has long been an annual staple of Topps’ baseball card offerings.  From time to time, Topps has attempted to introduce the Heritage concept to their other sport offerings – but with limited success.  That may be about to change with the reintroduction of 2012 Topps Heritage WWE. Rather than recycle a previous Topps Baseball […]

2012 Topps WWE: Everyone’s Guilty Pleasure

2012 Topps WWE Base card

It’s the ultimate guilty pleasure.  Just admit it, you’re a wrestling fan.  Who doesn’t enjoy predetermined-fights, scripted feuds, and soap opera-style angles that play out, live, every Monday night?  Well Topps has got a card set for you.  2012 Topps WWE will be released in late-September and will consist of a 90-card base set. All […]

WWE Classics Cards Latest Effort from Topps


There is still no word from Topps on which wrestlers’ autographs will appear in the product but preliminary information on its 2011 WWE Classics set is out.  A preliminary checklist shows spaces for 16 autographs in the product as well as 16 relic cards featuring match-worn gear. 2011 Topps WWE Classics isn’t really a set […]